Environmental Sustainability

RHS Master of Horticulture

Estelle Davis RHS Mhort. BA (Hons)

I have completed 5 years of study with the RHS in 2021 at RHS Wisley.

My research focused on the environmental sustainability of urban domestic gardens; a subject highly relevant to our business and also in light of 2022's unprecedented temperatures - this topic remains top of the global agenda.

My understanding of how gardening activities can affect the environment underpins the business we are today.

Becoming more sustainable increases biodiversity, eliminates the reliance on harmful chemicals, and improves soil and plant health.

We can all play a part. Here are some takeaway ideas to get you started!

  • No mow areas
  • Sowing a meadow
  • Composting kitchen waste
  • Introducing water in the form of a pond or a sunken bowl
  • Leaving foliage over winter. Enjoy the frosted seed head displays!

Estelle Davis RHS Mhort BA (Hons)

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RHS Master of Horticulture
RHS Master of Horticulture